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The Marsh Designs rodent monitoring cages are designed to maintain a better quality, less stressful environment for experimental research subjects while allowing for continued uninterrupted data acquisition.

The novelty of our cages is that there is not a fixed, enclosed bottom, but rather the cage sits in a separate tray. Several parallel, evenly spaced dowels are affixed horizontally near the bottom of the cage and when in use, covered by the bedding material. When the main cage is lifted out of the tray, the rods allow the soiled bedding to fall below into the tray, while supporting the animal with fragile head-mounted recording equipment. The tray can then be emptied and replaced under the cage. Fresh bedding can then be added via the top of the cage. This method eliminates the need to physically handle the animals, reducing the overall stress of the animal. The animals are less likely to thrash around the cage and risk damaging sensitive equipment that may have been surgically implanted. This allows researchers to maintain a clean cage environment without the need to restrain the animal, disconnect the animal from a tethered line and/or stop any ongoing data collection. The ability to use natural bedding in the Marsh Designs cage promotes the animals’ natural behaviors, leading to longer and more sustainable data collection for experiments.

Rodents subject to research can become anxious, temperamental and agitated. Our cages allow the researcher to maintain a physical barrier between themselves and the rodent. This provides a safer environment for the researcher by minimizing bite risks and associated zoonotic diseases. This is especially beneficial to those with allergies to rodents, minimizing direct contact with the rodents and/or the bedding while changing cages.

Applicable to:

  • Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Drug Delivery, Pharmacology
  • Deep Brain (Electrical) Stimulation
  • Micro-dialysis
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Optogenetics
  • Various Wireless Telemetry Systems (i.e. O2 saturation, HR, Blood Pressure, Temperature)
  • Video Monitoring

Each Marsh Designs rodent monitoring cage is manufactured from 100% clear, non-permeable acrylic. Precision fabrication is achieved through a combination of CNC machining and laser cutting each individual component. The components are then solvent bonded to ensure rigidity and strength.

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